Insulated sea containers
Material and storage containers

The usability of our insulated containers knows almost no limits, they are characterized by versatility and flexibility. The interior is free of condensation, temperature fluctuations are reliably prevented.

They are used

– as storage containers for temperature-sensitive goods such as food, chemicals, etc.
– as a shelter for wintering or temporary storage of trade fair articles, household goods, furniture or in the catering business
– as archive container for storing documents
– as a material container on construction sites, in agriculture, in industry

Example of a thermally insulated sea container

…with obtaining the CSC-plate, i.e. approval for sea freight transport.

Example of thermal insulation structure


100mm mineral wool (building material class A1 according to EN 13501 1, non-combustible according to DIN 4102), clad on the inside with 1 mm smooth galvanized steel sheet, neatly butted, riveted and sealed

Exemplary structure of sound insulation,on request with calculation

100mm mineral wool (building material class A1 according to EN 13501 1, non-combustible according to DIN 4102), clad on the inside with 1 mm galvanized perforated steel sheet, neatly butted, riveted and sealed

Regardless of whether you need the entire container insulated or individual areas such as wall openings are to be left out: we can react flexibly to your requirements. You can choose from two external heights in the base or we can manufacture your dimensions as required, e.g. as a soundproof aggregate container.


Of course, we can also customize our insulated containers according to your needs:

  • Exterior color according to RAL possible, also multicolored or with logo.
  • wooden, steel, aluminum floor as teardrop or smooth plate design
  • Electrical installation 230/400V with sub-distribution, lighting, sockets, etc.
  • Installation of partition walls, intermediate doors, windows,
  • personnel doors for easy access in addition to existing container doors
  • Air-conditioning, cooling or heating unit pre-assembled

Our extensive experience and optimized construction methods minimize thermal bridges and thus reliably prevent condensation and mold. And if moisture is to be expected in the container due to your installations, we can regulate the humidity with dry boxes or with active ventilation.

Advantages of insulated containers from CARU Tech

  • Competent and detailed consultation
  • Consideration of your wishes and adaptation to your needs
  • Fast availability
  • High degree of pre-assembly, turnkey plug’n’play solutions possible
  • Lacquering according to RAL, multicolored and with logo possible
  • Walkable roof surface e.g. with anti-slip sanding
  • Roof drainage on request
  • Wide range of accessories and modifications
  • High cost efficiency, long service life, robust design
  • Can be extended as required due to modular design