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Containers for the operation of environmental technology plants
We offer special container solutions for the operation of environmental technology plants. These environmental technology containers can be set up anywhere quickly and easily as a plug & play solution. Furthermore, the dimensions allow easy and cost-effective transport.

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Where are environmental technology containers used?

Exhaust air purification
paint shops
waste treatment plants
chemical industry
sewage treatment plants
laboratory plants
printing industry
surface technology
Waste water treatment
food industry
metal industry
petrochemical industry
textile industry
medical technology
paint and varnish production
Environmental process technology
process and safe water treatment
groundwater remediation
remediation of contaminated sites
hazardous materials treatment
pharmaceutical industry
solvent recovery

With CARU-Tech environmental technology containers, you are opting for a flexible, cost-effective and high-quality solution for installing the cleaning technology, which can be individually adapted to your requirements.

What are the advantages of environmental technology containers?

Flexible use
Quick operational readiness due to short delivery times
Space-saving individual and solution-oriented modular
Expandable as stacked or coupled system
Flexible backup solution
Easy transportation
Easy handling, easy to load with crane
Thermal insulation and coatings against aggressive media
High reliability media
High operational stability
User friendly
Best possible ventilation
Insulation for year-round operation
Cost-effective operation
Cost effective
High cleaning efficiency
Low maintenance

The advantages over installation in buildings are obvious. The environmental technology container is delivered ready for installation. The plant technology can be prefabricated and installed at your plant. Interface problems are eliminated. Rapid deployment and easy transport save valuable time and cost-intensive on-site installation.

Application examples

Activated carbon cleaning with laboratory operation directly at the chimney
Wastewater treatment
Environmental process technology
Biofilter in environmental technology container
Soil remediation

Expertise of Caru-Tech


Professional and fast production

With more than 250 employees, our factory produces over 1,300 technical containers per year using modern welding and machining equipment. The production is certified according to ISO 9001/3834 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety management) and has the Great Welding Certificate Class D according to EN 1090.



25 years of know-how for your environmental technology container

For more than 25 years CARU Containers has been dealing with technical space solutions and enclosures of high-quality technical equipment. We have extensive expert knowledge from the most diverse requirements of our customers. Against the background of many realized projects we will find the suitable solution for your application.
We will find the right container solution for your needs!
Based on our many years of experience, we have ideal solutions for environmental technology plants. We adapt our special environmental technology containers to your individual needs.

The most frequently asked questions about our environmental technology containers:

What is an environmental technology container?
What are the dimensions of an environmental technology container?
Can a plant consist of several containers?
How long do the containers last?
Do you offer spare parts and repairs?
What is the difference between sea containers and CARU-Tech environmental technology containers?

Can you see CARU-Tech Umwelttechnik containers in use?

We have a large number of reference projects, feel free to contact us.
Pollutants in waste gas/exhaust air/waste water that are harmful to the environment, polluting and/or hazardous to health, e.g. from manufacturing processes, must not simply be released into the atmosphere. Hazardous odors can also become a problem. In order to comply with the maximum permissible legal limits (BImSchG, BImSchV, TA Luft,..), a purification plant is often required to ensure that no danger arises for people or the environment. No matter if it is about the removal of solid components, the reduction of disturbing odors or the conversion of toxic gases into harmless substances: Our environmental technology containers are constructed in such a way that they can accommodate the required plant technology. To achieve this, the environmental technology container can be customized in terms of concept and design of the internals: This includes dimensions adapted to the millimeter, design of the supporting structure for the loads and optimized supply/disposal with supply and exhaust air ducts, hatches and other characteristic features.

In addition to flanges and openings for piping, the container is prepared for complete plant engineering. Heat/sound insulation, drip trays, WHG acceptance, coatings against aggressive media as well as mounting plates and profiles for fastening the technology… Many other details from many years of experience also meet the highest standards for optimal use of the container. Of course, we will also be happy to advise you on other options.

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