Hydrogen container / PtG-Container

Hydrogen is considered the cornerstone of the energy transition and hydrogen containers or PtG containers (power-to-gas) are part of this development. Whether as enclosure for the electrolysis system or as a mobile and flexible hydrogen filling station for fuel cell vehicles: CARU Tech offers special modules for the assembly of electrolysers, controls and ancillary systems.

With support of CARU-Tech’s fully prepared power-to-gas container, hydrogen is obtained from water by electrolysis and partially downstream methanation. In this process, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen under the influence of electricity. If the resulting waste heat is also used and fed into a heating network, for example, the efficiency of the conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy in the electrolyser is around 70 to 80 percent.
The process is climate-neutral and makes an important contribution to climate protection and security of supply. The hydrogen produced in this way can be used, for example, as fuel for fuel cell vehicles or fed into existing gas networks. A plant with a capacity of up to 1 megawatt of electrical power can operate around 1,000 vehicles.

Prepared for all required operating units
Electrical equipment taking explosion protection into account
Electrolysis Container

How are hydrogen containers constructed?

The plant essentially consists of the following operating units:

  • Hydrogen production
  • Water treatment plant
  • Power electronics with rectifier
  • Cooling system
  • Ancillary equipment

The PtG container is delivered as a turnkey space for converting electrical energy into hydrogen.
It is built in special CARU Tech container modules and is suitable for permanent outdoor installation. The electrolyser is housed in the container as well as the heating and cooling interfaces, the transformer and the power electronics.



What are the advantages of our hydrogen containers?


Flexible use
Fast operational readiness due to short delivery time
Standardized and preconfigured design
On-call orders possible
Expandable as stacked or coupled system
Documented gas tightness
Separation into ATEX and non-ATEX areas
Certified burglary protection
Escape door ensures maximum security in case of an emergency
Static-constructive design according to the effects
Adapted coatings up to C5 according to DIN 12944 against environmental influences and aggressive media
Optimized operation
Safe and pleasant workplace in the operator room
Best possible air conditioning, ventilation, supply and disposal
Wear-free housing
Guaranteed parts supply
Cost-effective maintenance

Advantages in detail

Advantages in detail
Our production
Frequently asked questions about our hydrogen containers

Of course, we can customize our hydrogen containers to meet your needs:

  • Preparations for easy installation of electrolyser, control system and auxiliary equipment.
  • Floor pan with leak test on request
  • Fire protection design F30 to F120
  • ATEX electrical equipment
  • Sensors for gases, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Marked escape routes
  • Certified burglary protection RC4

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Reference:Container for generating of hydrogen

The containerized PtG plant can be installed or operated almost anywhere and can be relocated to another site with comparatively little effort if necessary.

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We offer you:

  • Competent and detailed consulting
  • Consideration of your wishes and adaptation to your needs
  • Fast availability
  • High degree of pre-assembly, turnkey plug’n’play solutions possible
  • Lacquering according to RAL, multicolored and with logo possible
  • Walkable roof surface with anti-slip sanding
  • Roof drainage on request
  • Wide range of accessories and modifications
  • High cost efficiency, long service life, robust design
  • Can be extended as required due to modular design

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